Loan Details

Loan Amount


Interest rate

Upto 60% of total product cost

3-12 months


*Rates are subject to change from time to time


Required Documents

1. Citizenship & Photo of the Applicant


2. Citizenship & Photo of the Guarantor


3. Disclosure of source of income (Salary / Business / House rent)

i. Salary Source

a. Salary Source

b. Bank details (of 6 months)

ii. Business Source

a. Company Registration Certificate

b. Tax Clearance Certificate

iii. House Rent Source

a. Land Ownership Certificate and water or electricity bill


* Note: The documents may vary as per the nature of the products or the business but these are the basic required documents.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the amount required for down payment?

What is the total loan amount financed by Hulas Fin Serve?

What are the interest rates of the products financed by Hulas Fin Serve?

What is the time period for the installment to be paid?

What if I cannot pay the EMI in time?

What Is your reach in Nepal?

What are the payment options?

Our payment options are:
Online payments (eSewa, Khalti, Connect-IPS)
Over-the-counter payment
Bank deposits

Pay Smart.
Hassel-free payment

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