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Being a hallmark of reliability for since last 8 decades, Ahuja Radios is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Public Address Equipment in and around India. Addressing your needs and requirements with outstanding product and equipment, Ahuja Radios are known for the quality, affordability, and reliability they serve you through our product and equipment.


CM-5000 comes with a complete set of 50 watts amplifier, chairman unit, and delegates unit. With adequate reinforcement, this conference system also has priority switch with the chairman unit to set the priority while addressing the public. Ideal for conference halls, school, temple, mosque, churches, and so on, learn more about our CM-5000 line of product now.


Designed to perform optimally in boardrooms, large conference halls, convention centers and many similar venues, our CM-4000 provides the needed sound reinforcement by eliminating problems of poor intelligibility and acoustic feedbacks. Paired with 50W PA amplifier, chairman unit, secretary unit, and delegate unit, Chairman Unit has priority switch set priorities. Explore more about CM-4000.

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