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Ahuja Radio

Ahuja Radios is an Indian-origin brand for public addressing systems. Established in 1940, Ahuja Radios is an industry pioneer when it comes to speakers, amplifiers, mixers, conference systems, and so on. And now, Him Electronics brings Ahuja, India's best Public Address Equipment manufacturer, to Nepal.


Microphones are an essential part of any audio system. Also known as special transducers, it converts acoustic signals into electrical signals. When we are talking about public address, microphones are inseparable and hence, we have a wide range of microphones to fit into each one of your need and requirement.


Speakers are another essential part of an audio system that converts electromagnetic waves into sound waves. Ahuja Radios has been manufacturing and exporting elegant, high-quality speakers for the last 8 decades.


Amplitude of any sound is very essential for it to be audible to the human ear. When audio travels along any medium, it is bound to lose its amplitude over the course, hence we require a special device to make sure the amplitude of the audio is maintained over a minimum threshold.


Mixters are an essential part in public address system that is used to accept, combine, process, and monitor audio in the system. Being the authorized dealer of Ahuja Radios, we have a dedicated product just to address your need and requirement.

Conference Systems

Being a hallmark of reliability for since last 8 decades, Ahuja Radios is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Public Address Equipment in and around India. Addressing your needs and requirements with outstanding product and equipment, Ahuja Radios are known for the quality, affordability, and reliability they serve you through our product and equipment.

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