Microphones are an essential part of any audio system. Also known as special transducers, it converts acoustic signals into electrical signals. When we are talking about public address, microphones are inseparable and hence, we have a wide range of microphones to fit into each one of your need and requirement. As the authorized dealer of Ahuja Radios, we bring you the microphones withholding the hallmark of reliability since last 8 decades.

Professional Performance Series

If you are an artist or aspire to be an artist, then our Professional Performance Microphone Series is just for you. Enhanced to be ideal for live performances, studio recordings, music instruments, and broadcasting, our professional performance from Ahuja Radios produces warm and articulated sound.

General PA Series

Unlike Professional Performance Series, we deal with microphones that suits any venue and every occasions. Our General PA Series for microphones are multi-purpose microphones suitable for general and multi-purpose PA installation. Inspect our available microphones within this series today.

Professional Economy Series

Microphones are essential and should be accessible to all. Get professional microphone best suited for multi-purpose PA applications. Click on "Learn More" to see all our product portfolio in detail.

PA Economy Series with MIC Holder

Looking for microphones with a holder? We have a series of microphones with mic holder just for you. Most suited for PA applications like speech and paging, our PA Economy Series with MIC Holder are robust, reliable and durable. Explore our product portfolio today.

Wide Angle Series

Excellent for interviews, live music, studio recording, musical instruments, and much more, our Wide Angle Microphone Series are highly professional with distinct proper sounds production. Inspect more about our wide angle microphone series.

Paging Microphone Series

We also deal with paging microphones to complete your PA system. Gooseneck combined with a dynamic cartridge, our Paging Microphone Series is reliable and well-fitted to meet your requirements related to general PA audio system.

PA Gooseneck Microphone Series

Goosenecks microphones are microphones that are mounted to a gooseneck stand rather than just wire. These gooseneck microphones are ideal for lecterns and podiums, conferences and similar settings. Look more into our PA Gooseneck Microphone Series today.

Phantom Microphones Series

Phantom microphone are the microphones enhanced with DC electric power to operate condenser microphones. It provides extra smooth frequency response and clear, highly intelligible sound. Explore our series of phantom microphones now.

Special Purpose Series

If you are looking for microphones for some different purposes like for music instruments(kickdrums, bass drums, and so on) or mobile purpose, then we have a series of special purpose microphones. Inspect more about our Special Purpose Microphones today.

Headband Microphone Series

Headband microphones are stylish portable microphone worn on your head with the microphone positioned close to lips. Best suited for presentations, touring, teaching, announcements, and similar settings, explore our headband microphone series to fit your requirement.

PA Entry Level Economy Series

Now, if you are new to audio system and want to take it slow and cheap, then we got you covered in that front as well. We have PA Entry Level Economy Series to address your need without compromising quality, reliability, and durability. Explore our entire product portfolio today.

All New 
Ahuja Microphone Series

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