Amplitude of any sound is very essential for it to be audible to the human ear. When audio travels along any medium, it is bound to lose its amplitude over the course, hence we require a special device to make sure the amplitude of the audio is maintained over a minimum threshold. Amplifiers are the electronic device that amplifies the audio by increasing its amplitude and Ahuja Radios has been manufacturing one of the best amplifiers in the world that fit just right for any of your requirement. Providing amplifiers of all kind, check out some of our amplifiers to address your audio requirement.

Mixer Amplifiers

Mixer amplifiers are powered mixers which accompany non-powered Public Address Speakers. Primarily used for blending and amplifications, mixer amplifiers are mostly independent when it comes to built-in effects. We have a wide range of products classified as mixer amplifiers for your need and requirement.

High Wattage Mixer Amplifiers

Medium Wattage Mixer Amplifiers

2 Zone PA Mixer Amplifiers

Low Wattage Mixer Amplifiers

Mobile PA Mixer Amplifiers

Installation PA Mixer Amplifiers

Installation PA Mixer Amplifiers are high quality booster amplifiers ideal for fixed installation configurations. If you are looking for a mixer amplifier for your departmental store, school, or hospital, then our Installation PA Mixer Amplifiers are what you really need. Click "Learn More" to know more about our Installation PA Mixer Amplifiers.

Power Amplifiers

Power amplifiers are audio amplifiers used to amplify low powered audio signals into high deliverable audio signals. Power amplifiers are essential element of an audio system. Explore more of our product line up within Power Amplifiers to meet your unique requirement.

Dual Channel Power Amplifiers

High Wattage PA Power Amplifiers

2 Zone PA Power Amplifiers

DJ & PA Power Amplifiers

Installation PA Power Amplifiers

Mobile PA Power Amplifiers

Ideal for police motorcycles and similar configurations, our Mobile PA Power Amplifiers are what you need when you are talking about a public addressing amplifiers which is portable yet efficient and reliable. Hop on in to know more about our Mobile PA Power Amplifiers from Ahuja Radios.

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