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Samsung Displays

Displays for Video Conferencing

Corporate Division

Dedicated for corporate clients

To cater the requirement of corporate houses around the nation, dedicated Corporate Division exist in Him Electronics. 
Business houses in Nepal are continuously growing and as the business houses grows, it seeks to embrace the new way to enhance its work environment. Him Electronics' corporate division is dedicated to address those requirement of enhancement in offices and business in Nepal through its range of electronic products and electrical products.

Samsung Mobile Phones

Businesses in Nepal these days are offering mobile phones to its employees to collect data from market without any delay. In today's data driven business era, if your business lacks proper infrastructure to collect and manage data, then you may fall behind your competition. Thus, our phones from Samsung provides you with the latest and powerful system to cater your needs accurately. 


Samsung Mobile Knox


Samsung mobile phones are secured by Knox, with multi-layered hardware and software security features that are always enabled. Knox Platform for Enterprise provides advanced security and management features for business users. 

Display Solutions

In today's evolving world, it is essential to work smart and innovatively. What's better than having your story told more clearer and brighter? Our display solutions fit perfectly into your needs without any compromise to the efficiency and effectiveness. Surf through our catalog of available Display Solution.


Digital Signage

Interactive Touch Display


Samsung Videowall is the matrix of display to form a bigger display as per your requirement. Samsung Videowall comes in 2 different sizes i.e. 46" and 55". The major feature that differentiate Videowall from other TVs and Digital Signages is the bezel width. Bezel width is the border around the display that holds the display panel.

Consumer and Hospitality Televisions

Samsung hospitality televisions are specially crafted for the hospitality industries like hotels and hospitals. Along with that we also offer normal consumer televisions from brands like Himstar and Samsung to the corporate houses as per requirements


VRF Solutions

Variable Refrigerant Flow is a type of system AC that uses a technology that uses varied amount of refrigerant flow across its connected indoor units in order to achieve precise temperature control and higher efficiency. Control the temperature of a wider range of area with Samsung VRFs. Hop on in to learn more about Samsung VRF AC Systems.


Wall Mount

Slim Duct

1-Way Cassette

Mini 4-Way Cassette

4-Way Cassette

Big Ceiling

MSP Duct

HSP Duct

DVM S Outdoor

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Electrical Solutions

Even the need for decent lights isn’t left unanswered when you decide to tie up with us. We have a complete range of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions to keep your enterprise lit evermore. So, with bright lights, let your business shine.

Lighting Solution

Electrical Safety Solutions

Energy Management Solutions