A Legacy;
Growing Since 1958


IndoAsian is an Indian-origin brand with French technology. It has a legacy of consumer trust established over six decades. As industry pioneers, IndoAsian is a prominent player in 6kA breaking capacity MCBs and RCCBs in India & continues to deliver high-quality products suited to the market.

Circuit Breaker and Fuses

Indo Asian’s range of Circuit Breakers and Fuses are cost-effective, high on performance and quality, safe, easy to place and remove. In short, they are all that you need.

Circuit Breaker


Reliable, safe, simple and versatile, Indo Asian’s HRC Fuses present a number of features that are very advantageous, including low watt loss for longer life, and a very high breaking capacity.

Distribution Boards

Distribution of Electrical energy is a hazard if not handled efficiently, so this needs safe, reliable, and robust products. Our range of Distribution Board products ensures that the electricity travels efficiently and safely. Explore our Indoasian Distribution Boards' product portfolio.



IndoAsian offers the widest range in the market through Optipro Distribution Boards. From the unique and innovative single-door boards, the superior quality of manufacturing conforms to true IP43 design, making Optipro the best in its segment.

Switches and Sockets

Known to be stylish without compromising a bit in excellence our switches and sockets from Indoasian are your partner for efficient and safe distribution of electrical energy. Choose the best switches and sockets for your need now.

Glint Switches and Sockets

Elvira Switches and Sockets

Elvira’s switches and sockets are an expression of identity. Elvira’s range of color plates reflects modern lifestyles. They’re built to dazzle and add a touch of fashion to your walls while offering style in a colorful range that is genuinely sensible and suits your project requirements. Every single part is rigorously tested and built to last. Explore our product portfolio now.

Switching Devices

Switching Devices are very essential for evenly distribution and conservation of electricity. Our switching gears from Indoasian follows national and international standards to ensure that effective protection, distribution, and control is provided. Explore our product portfolio of Indoasian Switching Devices now.

Switch Disconnector Fuse

Ambidex - Electrical Changeover Switches

Rewireable Switch Fuse

IndoAsian’s Rewirable Switches ensure life-long performance and are ideal to effectively control routine switching operations for your domestic, commercial and industrial need. Choose the best rewireable switch fuses from our products from Indoasian.


Want to have a full control over your electrical and electronic appliances? We have just the product for you. Our Indoasian Timers gives you the control, safety, reliability, simplicity, and flexibility to suit your various needs and requirements. Hop on in to explore our Timers and have the full control in your hands.

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