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Samsung Hospitality Television

Samsung Hospitality Televisions are specifically designed for Hospitality industries like hotels, resorts and hospitals. Samsung Hospitality TV has all the extra features that can add value to the guests who visit their premises, providing them more convenience to watch TV. Along with TV channels you guest are able to browse through the information about your services and facilities.


QAM Modulator for RF Signals

QAM Modulator is provided by your TV channel service provider, if your subscription is RF (i.e. coaxial cable) based. Then, Digital channels are broadcasted in your premises from your server room where QAM Modulator is placed and Samsung Hospitality TV is able to receive cable digital channels directly in tuner port without a need to have individual Set-top boxes in each room.

No Set-top Box Required

You can enjoy watching Samsung hospitality television without connecting Set-top box. Currently TV channel service providers in Nepal gives connection for TV channel subscription in two ways i.e. through coaxial cable and through Cat 6 Cable (internet cable). You get your TV channel subscription in either way, Samsung Hotel Mode enabled Hospitality TV allows you to watch TV without Set-top box.



Advantages of not using Set-top boxes:
   > Single Remote Controller
   > Single Power Point Sufficient
   > No hassle of source switching
   > Less Wire Mesh

Streaming Server for IPTV

Streaming Server is provided by your service provider, if you subscription is based on IP (i.e. Internet Protocol). Then, channel mapping is done through REACH Server from Samsung which allows Samsung Hospitality TV to cast TV channels through Internet port available in television.


Rearrange Channel No.

RF based TV channels can be rearranged in different channel numbers as per your preference. Similarly, IPTV channels can be mapped through their IP and port number as per the choice of channel number placement. If you need to change the channel numbers, then do it with ease - no dependencies on service provider.

Menu Lock

Lock/Unlock TV menu so that guest cannot tamper the settings like brightness, contrast, saturation, volume etc. Menu can be locked so that only authorized staff can set it to the level which best fits for your requirement.


Hotel Information Landing Page

After the television boots, land your guest on the browsable page like a website where they can browse through the information you wish to provide to your guest. Provide offers and service information through TV. Welcome your guest with the personalized welcome message on TV screen.

Boot Logo

Put your business logo on TV, so that it appears every time the TV is set ON. Logo can be image as well as video. So, if you have logo animation for your business, then it can appear during the TV boots.


Power ON Channel/Volume

Select a TV channel which you want to set every time you power on the TV. Also set the volume level for TV each time it boots. You can also set the limit of volume so that your guest cannot go up or down the set range of volume.

Configure TV from your Desk

TV Configuration can managed from Server/Network through Samsung REACH Server software. Set required number of group and assign each TV in particular group so that you can have a set of different configuration for different group of televisions. REACH Server software can be setup in Server PC which can be accessed from anywhere depending upon the security policy you have set in your network and make changes to the TV configuration with no labor.


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