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CHINT Electricals

Founded in 1984, CHINT is a leading global provider of smart energy solutions. It is actively deploying “4+1” industrial sectors including smart electrics, green energy, industrial control and automation, smart home and incubator, forming an integrated whole industry chain of “power generation, storage, transmission, substation, distribution, sales and consumption”. And it boasts an extensive business network across over 140 countries and regions as well as more than 30,000 employees and an annual sales revenue of over USD 11.4 billion. CHINT has been ranking among China’s Top 500 companies for 18 consecutive years. Its subsidiary, CHINT Electrics is the first company in China with low-voltage electrics as its main business getting listed on the A-share market as one of the Top 50 Asian listed companies.

Contractor/ Relay/Starter




Used to control the electrical power equipment, starter helps you to start, stop, reverse and protect the equipment. And you require the best starter to control your equipment without any fear of destroying the equipment. Click on "Learn More" to explore our starter product portfolio now.




Driven by the motive to provide you with the most reliable and efficient power distribution solutions. Our Molded Case Circuit Breakers will efficiently make, carry, and break the rated current in your circuits protecting all your valuable devices. Explore more and choose the best MCCB products in the market.




Inverters are electrical device that is used to change Direct Current(DC) into Alternating Current(AC). Also known as Variable Frequency Drive(VFD), our inverters from CHINT are powerful, reliable, durable, efficient, and perfectly fit in your needs. Click on "Learn More" to surf through our portfolio of CHINT Inverters.

LV Capacitor

LV Capacitors are used to improve power factors while reducing reactive power loss and improving the quality of power. We have Shunt Capacitor and Capacitor Reactive Controller to address your needs. Please scroll below or hop on in the learn more about our LV Capacitor.

Shunt Capacitor

Capacitor Reactive Controller

Capacitor Reactive Controllers control the automatic switching of shunt capacitor while reducing the power loss and improving the voltage quality. We have Intelligent Reactive Power Compensation Controllers to address your power needs. Hop on in the learn more about these capacitor controllers.



Regulators are the electrical/electronic device that is used to regulate the voltage within a suitable limit. Explore the product portfolio of our CHINT Regulators now.


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