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Samsung Digital Signage

Signages are used for various purpose in business environment like to welcome visitors, promote goods & services, offer schemes and even help people find their way around. Static signages has long been there to address these purposes. Digital Signage is a replacement to traditional static signages that provides life and meaning to the message you want to convey.

Digital signage in Nepal is a modern electronic display method employed to transmit various types of content, including information, ads, and messages, using digital screens. This innovative technology supplants conventional static signs with dynamic and interactive content, enabling businesses and organizations to effectively connect and interact with intended audience in a more engaging and flexible manner. Digital Signages allows dynamic contents like text, images, slideshow, videos, animations, live feeds, social media updates, URL contents and more.

Content can be conveniently administered and modified from a central location or from anywhere in the network access using content management systems, allowing for immediate control and personalized updates. 

Digital signage has become a vital component of contemporary communication strategies, empowering businesses to seize their audience's attention and craft compelling visual experiences in diverse settings such as theaters, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities, corporate offices, transportation hubs, educational institutions, government offices, airports and public spaces.

Him Electronics offers digital signages from Samsung that are more elegant and easy to use.

Dynamic Content

Regular signages are static and changing a content in static signage consumes a lot of time and effort. Digital Signage allows you to create and update content with very less effort. Contents may also vary from images to videos to document files like word, excel, powerpoint, pdf, etc. 


Orientation - Portrait/Landscape

Digital Signages from Samsung are capable of displaying content in both portrait and landscape orientation. Install Samsung Digital Signage as per your space and requirement in landscape or portrait orientation, design content as per the display orientation and play with the content. 

Schedule Content

Enjoy greater flexibility than ever before with all new Samsung Digital Signage. With the integration with MagicINFO, our Digital Signage makes it easier for you to manage content giving you the ability to schedule content as per your requirement.


Inbuilt Player

With MagicINFO, we can not only schedule content but also access the inbuilt player. Inbuilt Player allows you to publish and play contents created in MagicINFO authoring tool or any multimedia content on our Digital Signage without additional hassle.

Manage through Network

Connect Samsung Digital Signage to a network and manage it from anywhere. Simply install and configure MagicInfo Server software offered by Samsung; configure Samsung Digital Signage in the network that is recognized by Server PC, then manage content and control digital signages remotely.


Higher Brightness

Samsung Digital Signages have higher brightness level than other regular displays. The level of brightness in Digital Signage from Samsung ranges from 350 nits to 3000 nits. The requirement of the display with particular nits value for you is determined by the area where you plan to place your display. Generally, normal lightening condition in indoor environment, 350 nits to 500 nits may be required. But if you plan to place your display in the direct sunlight, then 2500 nits to 3000 nits may be required. So, Samsung Digital Signage provides the flexibility to choose your requirement of brightness level.

Longer Operation Hours

Samsung Digital Signage comes with the capability of longer operation hours. Regular televisions are designed and manufactured with the consideration of 6-8 hours of daily operation. Samsung Digital Signage are designed with the capability to operate 16 hours daily or 24 hours daily depending upon the models. Normally, for businesses like theaters, malls and restaurants, 16/7 operation hours models would suffice while airports and NOC (Network Operation Centers) requires around the clock operation.


Anti Glare

Samsung Digital Signage have anti glare feature that makes the reflection from display due to surrounding lighting very less and negligible. This feature of Samsung Digital Signage makes the experience impeccable.

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