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Established in 1988, Him Electronics started its journey by manufacturing televisions. Today, it is the market leader in its sectors: manufacturing, trading, distributing, retailing, and providing necessary after-sales services.

The portfolio in Him Electronics comprises notable brands like Samsung, Indoasian, Chint, Ahuja, and Himstar. With the widest network of retail outlets, currently numbering more than 700, five regional offices, 11 in-house retail centers, and more than 40 service points it serves its customers in the best possible way.

Brands With Us

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Where to Buy


We sell our product through our dealer network spread around the nation. Hop on anyone to buy our product. If you are having hard time locating our dealer point, please click on the link below. We will get back to you.


You can also visit our exclusive Samsung showrooms, where you can explore all the consumer electronic products and mobile devices from Samsung. Click on the button below and locate the nearest Samsung Smart Plaza.

EMI Facility

You can get your choice of product in Easy Monthly Installment (EMI). Hulas Fin Serve's Insta Finance allows you to easily finance your purchase, so that your purchase of product from us is not a burden to you.

After Sales Service


Him Service is the network of service centers that provides after sales service for all the products from Him Electronics. We have Him Services, located at more than 40 different places that serves all over Nepal. 

To register your Service Related Issues:
Call us @:
Toll Free No.: 1660-01-88088 / 01-5970705

To locate your nearest Him Service, Click on the link below.

Latest News

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